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Flow Yoga Seven Dials, Brighton & Hove


I’m absolutely loving these classes - they’re helping keep me sane. Really appreciate it.


RECORDED CLASSES: Book at bottom of page

Online  Timetable:

9.30am Tuesday 1 hour flow class  (no class 26th May)

6.30pm Wednesday 1 hour flow class

9.30am Thrusday 1 hour flow class

9.00am Friday Strong flow class 45min express class. 

Please email: if you have any questions 

All classes will be through which I have trialled, and seems to be very easy to use, and free for you. Perhaps log on now and have a look using the link above.

Pricing : 

Drop in Class  £6.75 or £4.75 (depending on what you can afford at this time)

All  classes in the week £12.75

Monthly classes £39.50

Please book using the link below. You can either pay through the booking system, or pay me direct via bank transfer, details here:



If you are struggling to pay for Yoga at the moment, please contact me. I really want this available for everyone at this time so please e-mail to discuss. 

Link to Tues class

5mins before

start time

No class 26th May

Book below 

Online Yoga classes with Danny

Link to Wed class

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Link to Thurs class

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No Classes 24th-31st July (Holiday)

I will be posting recorded classes for you to use for one week though. One on Monday and one Friday 

No Classes 24th-31st July (Holiday)

and a supplemental one

 links to access the classes

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